Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Naomi's 4th Birthday

On February 18th Naomi turned 4 years old. She was SO excited.

Naomi's favorite colors are purple and pink. She loves the Princesses, and likes to dress up in her princess outfits. She walks around in my high heals often, and has fun pretending to be a big girl.

Although Naomi has a stubborn streak, she can be a real sweetheart, too. She can definitely hold her own with her big brothers and sister.

She has beautiful sparkly blue eyes, and a sweet smile. She likes to snuggle, and would prefer to run around the house in a pair of panties than be fully clothed. I have so many cute pictures of her, but can't share them on the blog becuase she rarely has all of her clothes on. She's definitely hot blooded!

Her hair is curly in back, and she HATES it when I brush it. She has only let me change her earrings two times, and is content to wear the same pair for great lengths of time.

She loves playing with her Polly Pockets. It's awesome having a big sister so close in age to play with all of the time.

Her daddy has trained her to say, when asked what her name is, "Naomi, don'tcha know me?"

She's the best little 4 year old I know.

Love you, Nomi!

"Now therefore, listen to me, my children, for blessed are those who keep my ways." Proverbs 8:32
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mindswirlia said...

Jodi-Have you ever thought of becoming a cake decorator? I love the cakes that you make for their birthdays. I can't believe your littest lady is 4!!!

Melanie said...

I agree! the cake is awesome!!