Monday, September 22, 2008

More 2008 IRBC Photos

Hudson was a finalist in the Bed Head contest.

Bryce was also a finalist in his age division.

Katie learned that every time she rides on the twisty tire, she gets off and throws up.

Bryce participated in the paper airplane throwing contest at the 2008 Family Olympics.

Our family was chosen to participate in the bed making competition.

Check out our technique.

We, of course, were GOLD MEDALISTS!!!!

Bryce was champion of the Belly Flop contest.

Our team won the Squinny Ball tournament.

Katie fishing at the carnival.

The littles taking a break on their daddy's shoulders.

Proof that Chase was with us this week.

Our team also won the Sand Volleyball tournament, but there were no pictures to post.


"Do not withhold good from those to whom it i due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so." Proverbs 3:27

IRBC 2008 Photos

Naomi playing in the sand volleyball court.

Playing softball East side vs. West side.
East side (ours) won!

After diving back to 3rd base...Pastor Bob (in the background) got the call right!

Katie playing beach towel volleyball.

Colton and Michael playing beach towel volleyball.

Colton on the zip line.

Alex playing pool basketball.

"Commit your works to the Lords, and your thoughts will be established." Proverbs 16:3

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I know it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but Hudson isn't a little baby anymore. He's twenty months old. All of a sudden he just seems so big. He's not talking a ton, but every so often he'll get a string of intelligible sounds put together and make a phrase. His most favorite word is currently "Mine!".

He's cute even when he's sad.

"...Let us delight ourselves with love." Proverbs 7:18b

Baby Kittens

'Tis the season for new baby kittens around our house. Several weeks ago, we noticed that Paulina was no longer pregnant, but we couldn't find her kittens. It took us about two weeks to find them. We're pretty sure there are only least that's all the boys have been able to locate up in the rafters of the garage. This was her first litter, so maybe that's all.

The girls absolutely love the kittens. I'm not so sure the kittens love them quite as much.

They'll be ready to find a new happy home in few more weeks. Any takers?

"Listen, for I will speak of excellent things, and from the opening of my lips will come right things." Proverbs 8:6


Shannon is sad to announce that he has lost the title of "Fastest Rootbeer Chugger" at A&W. Jackson has stolen his title from him.

"Let him drink and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more." Proverbs 31:7

Building Blocks

It's amazing what kids will do with a pile of 2X4 pieces of wood. Last week we hosted our youth group's annual "Quest" activity. It's loosely patterned after the TV show "Amazing Race". One of the activities we planned utilized 2X4 "cars" and "semis" that were used on a 2'X2' grid like the game "Rush Hour".

Colton, Katie and Naomi commandeered all of the blocks, and built some towers and sculptures in Colton's room this week. I'm not exactly sure how they got some of those blocks way up by the ceiling.

The Great Wall of China

"Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house." Proverbs 24:27

Fire in my kitchen

Yesterday afternoon I was preparing for company. I took time to bake a cheesecake in the morning, and had prepared the dough for my yummy rolls the night before (it needs to be refrigerated overnight). They were safely rising on the kitchen counter.

After dropping Jack and Chase off at football practice, I preheated the oven and put my first batch of rolls in. The little ones came clamoring into the kitchen wanting snacks, so they all sat down at the table for some peanut butter bars (that I had baked that morning, also). Bryce commented to me that there was smoke coming out of the oven. I had noticed some oozy stuff in the bottom of the oven for several days, but it wasn't really causing me much concern, so I kind of blew him off with some comment about goo in the bottom of the oven. I was busy washing dishes, when one of the children hollered that something smelled funny. I opened up the bottom oven, and found Katie's pink shoe. It was at that point that I noticed the flames in the top oven. I opened it up, pulled out the half-baked rolls, and quickly shut the oven door.

I hate to admit this, but I just couldn't remember what to put on a fire in an oven. I was pretty sure water was not a good option--you know, grease and electricity don't tend too mix well with water. I was hoping that turning off the heat and shutting the door was going to put the fire out, but no such luck.

I called Shannon. I was kind of babbling when I called him, and I think the conversation went something like this, "Hi Shan. Guess what? The oven's on fire, and I'm not sure what I should put on it. I don't know if it's a grease fire or not, or if it's something else burning, but I don't think that I'm going to put water on it. I think I'm going to put flour on it. Okay, I have the flour, are you sure I should do this? Hey, the flames are getting a lot bigger, are you sure this is the right thing? Hey kids, why don't you go in the other room? Katie, leave your peanut butter bar at the table. Quickly everyone, go in the other room." This is where Bryce shouts, "Mom's going to blow up the kitchen!". I'm not sure that Shannon has said anything yet.

I'm talking to Shannon again now. "Okay, I'm throwing flour on the fire. It's not going out yet. Let me put some more on there. I think it's helping. It's still burning on the element. Okay, it's almost out. Oops, there it goes again. Now it's really out."

By this point three smoke detectors are going off not quite simultaneously. The kids go outside, but not before I take a picture of them through the smoke. We open up all of the windows in the house, very aware that our company is due to arrive in less than half an hour. I decide to go curl my hair.

I'm kind of upset that I didn't take a picture of the fire while it was burning. It would have been cool for the blog. After the fire was out, it occurred to me that I have a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. I've had it for about 10 years, and have never had an occasion to use it. Hopefully there isn't a "next time" to figure out how the extinguisher actually works.

After the oven cooled, I had to vacuum out my oven, then scrub it. Ick. All while my company stood politely in my kitchen and watched the production.

The good news: No one was hurt. My house is still standing. The smoke odor is almost gone. The rolls turned out just fine after baking in the bottom oven. The top oven still works fine.

The moral of this story: Use the self-cleaning oven feature more often.

"Like a madman who throws firebrands, arrows, and death, is the man who deceives his neighbor, and says, "I was only joking!" Proverbs 26:18-19

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We're Still Alive...

It has been such a LONG time since I've taken the time to blog. I'm going to take a little time now to post a couple pictures from Family Camp, although that was a couple months ago...

"He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul." Proverbs 19:16

The best of intentions...

don't always get the job done. I have been attempting to view some pictures from camp that we have on cd, but my computer is out of memory. I have to go "clean house" and see what I can get rid of to make more room. Maybe I'll wait until Shannon is home in case I do something I'm not supposed to.

Anyway, I will make it a priority to get some pictures posted, after I finish mowing the lawn (I saw a snake yesterday, so I had to quit), do the laundry, wash the dishes, bake a cheesecake for company tomorrow, mix up a batch or two of rolls, go the the Homecoming parade, feed my family...

You get the idea.

"The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands." Proverbs 14:1