Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mr. Fix It

When we moved into our home four years ago, the kitchen was not set up to allow a family of (then) 7 to function adequately. The day after we signed the papers, we began tearing the old cabinets out of the house in preparation for the new ones that were due to arrive the following day. We installed the cabinets in record time, but because of a snafu with the company, there was a delay getting the counter tops. We went five weeks without a kitchen sink. The sink we chose was a black granite sink--supposedly indestructible! Obviously they never invited the Clarks to their test kitchens! Our sink developed a crack in the bottom of it several months ago. The crack didn't to all the way through, so I didn't give it much thought. It wasn't until there was water in the Christmas decorations in the basement that we realized that the crack had eventually gone all the way through the sink, dripped through the base of the cabinet and made it's way downstairs. We immediately caulked the crack from the bottom of the sink, which only lasted a couple days. Then we resorted to caulking the inside of the sink, which wasn't very beautiful, but was functional. We talked to the sink guy at Lowe's, and he said there's no way one of these sinks should crack. He was recently at a seminar, and the reps were banging on them with hammers and screwdrivers. Like I said, they should have had the Clarks do their testing!

I emailed the company, and they immediately responded and said if I could produce a receipt and a picture of my sink, they would replace it. I dug through my files upstairs, and came up with the receipt. Within a week I had a new kitchen sink in my entryway waiting for installation. Apparently they forgot to ship the installer along with the sink.

This is a picture of Shannon, taken as he was lying under the sink tearing all of the old plumbing off. He's become quite the handyman, mainly by necessity!

My new sink is installed and working beautifully. Hopefully next December I won't be hanging soggy decorations on the tree!

"Drink water from your own cistern, and running water from your own well." Proverbs 5:15

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