Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Go Rebels!

Katie and Naomi are at the perfect age to be cheerleaders, princesses and anything girly. When basketball season started and we began attending several games a week, they noticed that there are no cheerleaders at JV or Middle School games, and we NEEDED cheerleaders.

They became the unofficial cheerleading squad for the G-R Rebels. We sewed up these outfits for them one afternoon, and there's no going back. The Rebel's cheerleading coach even gave them official Rebel pom-poms. They were delighted with them, and it made me very happy, too, because the cheapo ones I bought for them at Dollar General shed like crazy.

They're only young once!

'A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance..." Proverbs 15:13


Becky said...

Oh my they are cute!!!
Jordan tells our girls they can play cheerleader all they want now but they will never be allowed to be 'real' cheerleaders! :)

Melanie said...

GO REBELS! Amazing job on the outfits, I could work on those every day for a year and they'd never turn out like that! So cute!

Melanie said...

GO REBELS! They make excellent cheerleaders! Amazing uniforms too...i could work on those every day for the next year and they'd never turn out like that!