Thursday, February 21, 2008

Basketball Pictures

It occurred to me that I hadn't posted the boys' basketball pictures from this season, so here they are. It was a crazy season with lots of cancellations and reschedules due to weather. Toward the end of the season there just weren't any free dates to reschedule, so unfortunately a few games just had to be canceled.

Alex started on the JV Freshman team. He played primarily low post. He improved dramatically throughout the season. As he continues to lift weights and grow, he will become a big presence on the court. Alex did a great job on defense, shutting down his opponent's scorers. He is fast, and hustles down the court every time.

Jackson also excels at defense. He's got a wing span that exceeds most seventh graders', giving him an advantage. He is a good rebounder, and can get the ball in the basket when he needs to. He is also surprisingly quick, and accumulated many steals throughout the season. Jack suffered a turned ankle toward the end of the season, so unfortunately had some limited playing time for a couple games.

Although we ran around crazy during the season getting Jackson to practice in the afternoons and traveling to many, many games, we really miss watching the boys play. One thing I don't miss is the damage to my home. This seasons' casualties included two pictures, a clock, and a table lamp which were all broken as the boys practiced in the living room. Can you guess who the ringleader in these impromptu matches was?

Chase is still playing in his G-R Extreme traveling team on the weekends. He's having a great season as well. This is his first year playing league ball, and he has improved a lot with his extended playing time. He gives 100% all the time, and likes to make the game a little more physical than it was meant to be.

Bryce should be starting the city league within the next few weeks. We haven't heard any definite dates yet.

Colton is playing in the city league on Saturday mornings. This, too, is his first time playing basketball. He is having a great time, and has only made two girls cry.

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