Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

*I'm thankful for Chase and his dry sense of humor.

* I'm thankful for cappuccino in my Kum & Go free refill cup. It gets me moving!

*I'm thankful for safety while taking a quick getaway with the family earlier this week.

*I'm thankful for the sunshine and weather in the 60's that's forecasted for this weekend.

*I'm thankful for hand-me-downs.

*I'm thankful that we were able to find basketball shoes in size 14 for Jackson--even if it meant having them sent to us from New York, and even though they charged my credit card twice. We're working on getting that resolved.

* I'm thankful for paper towels.

*I'm thankful for Shannon and my family.

*I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend some alone time with Shannon this weekend.

*I'm thankful for my Sunday School class. I enjoy discussing things with them, and getting to the 'meat and potatoes' of scripture and how it translates to everyday life.

*I'm thankful for ITBS and ITEDS. They help me evaluate how my students are progressing.

*I'm thankful for my dog. He loves me.

*I'm thankful for brownies. Colton baked some for breakfast this morning, and it made everyone smile.

"There is no wisdom or understanding or counsel against the LORD." Proverbs 21:30

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