Monday, March 26, 2007


None of the kids wanted to go inside and change clothes after church yesterday. They were afraid they would miss out on some of our beautiful weather. Katie and Naomi wore their matching dresses from Aunt Marilyn. They love to twirl around in them and play ballerina! Colton thought Alex deserved a BIG hug for a BIG brother.
Shannon grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. As is customary, we ran out of propane in the grill half way through cooking them. We finished them up on the George Foreman grill indoors. It was quite windy outside, so we ate inside. The kids spent a lot of time playing outside. The girls hold their own when it comes to getting dirty!
We had pizza and practiced music for the Easter morning service with our youth group kids from church following the evening service. We held a rousing game of marshmallow softball in the fellowship hall, then finished up with a game of sardines.

"The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; by understanding He established the heavens." Proverbs 3:19

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Aunt Marilyn said...

Wow! The girls are so pretty!
Thanks for sharing the photo of them in their matching dresses.

And all of your boys are handsome.
Come to think of it, your entire family is made up of lovely people, inside and out.

Your love and diligence and
Shannon's Grandmother Clark's
prayers are evident.