Monday, March 12, 2007

Shannon's 2nd Mistake of the Decade

Shannon and the boys have a game they play called "Bucketball". It involves clearing the living room of all furniture, wall hangings, and toys. This is the point where I generally leave, go to my room, and shut the door. Today Alex invited a couple of his friends over to spend the night. That makes seven boys ages 14-5, two girls ages 2 & 3, plus Shannon to play the game. The game is played with a ball and a couple laundry baskets. I asked Shannon what the rules to the game are, and he said, "You gotta score. You can hit each other. That's about it." Sounds like fun, huh? Apparently things got a little out of hand, and Sam pushed Jack into Alex, and he smashed the front window. No blood was shed, but we will need to replace the window.

To my credit, I did not yell and scream. I barely said anything. My tongue sure does hurt, for all the biting I did. I'm not sure what Sam and Ben thought was going to happen. Everyone was very helpful putting all of the wall hangings back up and returning the furniture to the correct spots. That's when Shannon admitted that he had made a mistake by not placing something in front of the window to protect it--the second one of the decade. No one remembers the first.

Oh, did I mention that the boys ran into Shannon's 1966 Chevelle with the four wheeler today?

Note from Shannon: "It's my house, it's my window, I'll break it or fix it as I choose."

Note from Jodi: I'm going to go read my bible now.

"For their calamity will rise suddenly, and who knows the ruin those two will bring?" Proverbs 24:22

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Steve Cox said...


Dude, nothing like a well placed sheet of plywood! Always good to have a 4X8 sheet on hand for just such an opportunity. Here is the key ... put the plywood up BEFORE the game. Cuts down on the repair bills! Oh, but wait, you just figured that out!!!!

Sounds like your house is the place to hang out! Isn't ministry a blast? Your the talk of the neighborhood, your the coolest parents in town! Keep up the good work!

Pastor Steve