Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of School

Today was Jackson, Chase, Colton and Katie's first day of school.  We made the decision to send them to public school this year.  Bryce and Naomi opted to stay home with me.

Jackson is a senior

Chase is a junior

Colton is in 6th grade

Katie is in 3rd grade

Jack and Chase left home about 5:30AM so they could pick up a friend on the way and make it to the weight room by 6:00AM.  Yikes.  It was still dark.

Praying while waiting for the school bus.
 Colton and Katie get on the bus at 7:14AM.  They both ride the bus to Gladbrook, where Colton gets off, and then Katie and the other 3rd & 4th graders go to Reinbeck.

Happy to be home at the end of the day! 


 And a cake to celebrate their first day of public school.

Bryce, Naomi and I are not starting school until next week.  It has been such an ordeal getting the others scheduled for classes that I haven't spent any time getting their classes ready.  It's not going to be too difficult.  I have all of the curriculum I need.  

Hudson and Macklin are going to hang out while we do school.  Macklin is in a rather challenging stage of life, so pray for us!  

"A wise son makes a glad father," Provers 10:1

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Dee Burns said...

I love your blogs...glad to see them. I admire you and the strength that you have to do all that you do.