Sunday, January 15, 2012

September 2011 Recap

September started out with football games, and ended with football games.  Sounds like August, huh?

We celebrated Labor Day Weekend by having our usual group of friends over.  The Methenys came Saturday, and brought along some mini bikes and go-carts.  The dads, big boys, and little kids all had a great time riding them through the yard and along the track in the pasture. 

Sunday evening, Jeffry rolled out of the go-cart and broke his arm and got a big gash in his forehead.  We splinted him up and took him to the ER.  A few hours later, everyone was back and plans were made to continue the party the next day.  Nothing else bad could happen, right?

Monday morning everyone was up bright and early and began riding again.  Minor adjustments had been made, tires switched out, and we were ready to go. 

A little after ten I decided I would venture out and take some pictures. 

The boys challenged me to beat their lap time, so I got behind the wheel, belted myself in, and off I went.  After a practice lap, I took off for my timed lap.  I was SO going to beat them!  Then, coming out of the first turn, I rolled the go-cart.  I'm not really sure how or why.  It's kind of crazy how it happens so fast, yet still seems like slow motion.  I have a distinct memory of my arm raised above my head, and bent backwards across the roll bar midway down my upper arm.  I remember thinking, "Wow, that's not supposed to bend there!".  As the go-cart came to a stop, I knew immediately my arm was broken.  The guys came running, and assessed the damage.  They got some more 1 X 4's out of the garage, some duct tape, and a towel, and splinted my arm.  I wasn't in any pain, but had a weird, kind of surreal feeling that things were messed up.  My shoulder and elbow were dislocated, too, so one chunk of my humerus was just kind of floating around.  Creepy.  We drove to the ER in Waterloo, and I was fine after some drugs : )  Our company continued on with the grilling and fun back at our house, without us.

 This is my before picture.

And these are the after pictures.

I am now bionic.  I have a titanium rod and two screws holding everything together.  After a night's stay in the hospital, I was sent home.  Shannon and the kids took good care of me.  Our church family sent meals for several days, my book club girls brought food, and other sweet people in the community fed us.  The big boys were thinking it was a pretty good deal!

I spent the first few weeks sleeping on the reclining end of the sofa.  I was never casted, just wrapped because I had some pretty deep abrasions that needed to be dressed.  I went to physical therapy a couple times, then decided to rehab on my own.  After about 4 weeks I was able to give up the sling. 

I'm now as good as new, with the exception of some icky looking scars.  No more sleeveless tops in my future!  My ROM is a little bit limited when pulling my arm behind my back.  As long as I'm never arrested and put in handcuffs, I should be able to function okay. 

Football and soccer continued throughout the month.  I did more supervising at Spaghetti Fridays than working for a few weeks, but the other ladies picked up the slack.

Alex continued to play soccer and go to classes. 

On September 11th, Macklin turned ONE year old!  We celebrated with cake and ice cream, and had family over to help celebrate.

This is the first birthday cake Shannon has ever made and decorated.

Macklin just getting started.
 I think he kind of likes it!

Although it doesn't really look like it, Macklin REALLY enjoys it when Jackson does this.  Who says you need to go to the gym to lift weights?

God continues to teach us in new and unique ways to trust in Him in everything and every circumstance.  He's got our backs.

"A man's heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps."  Proverbs 16:9

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