Friday, January 13, 2012

August 2011 Recap

August in our household means FOOTBALL.  Practice generally starts the first week of the month.  Jackson and Chase played varsity ball this season.  Bryce played on the middle school team, and Colton played his first season of tackle football with the 5th & 6th graders.

The boys all had successful seasons.  Jackson was honored with a 2nd Team All-District selection at tight end.  He also played outside linebacker on defense.  Chase was also selected to the 2nd Team All-District team as running back.  He was the leading rusher for the team.  They each sported a new hairdo for the season.  Jack started with the mullet, then changed to a full fledged mohawk.  I cannot locate a single photo of the mohawk.  I'm sure I took some, but they've disappeared.  Chase was a little more reserved in his football hairdo.  The Rebels once again made it to the State play-offs, but were unable to advance as far as we would have liked. 

It was fun watching the boys play.  We had great weather most of the season.  Once again I helped organize the Friday afternoon Spaghetti Dinners for the team.  We have a great group of ladies that prepare the meal and serve the guys.  It's my treat after a long week of school!

Bryce played on the line for his team.  They went undefeated for the second year in a row.  Bryce works hard and takes his job seriously.  His team is fun to watch.

Shannon had the privilege of being part of the coaching staff for Colton's team.  Colton enjoyed hitting guys and running the ball.  They had a winning season as well.

Colton, Katie and Naomi also played soccer during the fall season.  We were constantly running to practices and games.  Shannon co-coached the girls' team again this year.  I'm thinking it's time he retires, as the only games the girls won were the games he wasn't able to be at!

The biggest change for our household occurred when Alex left home to begin college at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny.  He was excited to head out on his own, and was especially excited to have the opportunity to play soccer for the Eagles. We made many trips to Ankeny and throughout the state to watch him play.  We even went to Canada to see him play in their regional tournament. 

We also started our school year at home in August.  I love brand new books, nice neat schedules, and eager students.  Someday, maybe I'll have that ;)  We continue to persevere, and really do love the flexibility it provides our family.  Jackson and Chase continue to work their garbage route on Tuesday mornings.  This keeps them in gas and date money.

As I try to recreate some of the events that happened last fall, I've found that I have missed taking TONS of pictures.  Perhaps that's because Macklin is a little whirlwind, and it's hard to hold a camera and keep track of a little dynamo at the same time!

Note to self:  Take more pictures!

"Therefore hear me now, my children, and do not depart from the words of my mouth."  Proverbs 5:7

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So glad you are blogging again.
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