Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So proud

On September 21, 2008 Bryce made a public statement for Christ by following Him in believers' Baptism. He shared his testimony of salvation with the congregation, then was baptized by Pastor Nemmers.

There are some things in life that make parents SO proud. Of course we want our children to learn to read and write, be kind friends, excel at sports, etc., but if nothing else of acclaim occurs in Bryce's life, at least we know that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Nothing else really matters.

Bryce asked Jesus to take away his sins a couple years ago. This year at Jr. Boys' camp, he made the decision to be baptized. He understands that baptism has no bearing on his salvation. Only trusting in Jesus is going to get him to heaven.

Please join us in celebrating with Bryce, and guiding him in his spiritual walk.

We're so proud of him.

"I have taught you in the way of wisdom; I have led you in right paths." Proverbs 4:11

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