Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hud Bud's Eye

Last week the boys and I all worked hard in the morning to get the house cleaned up and all of our chores done, with the intent that we would take the afternoon off and relax. The boys had just settled down in the family room to watch some TV, but were arguing over what to watch. One boy,(who will remain nameless), smacked the remote control out of another boy's (who also will remain nameless) hand, and it bonked Hudson in the corner of his eye.

It swelled up right away and bled a fair amount. The cut was right in the crease of his eyelid. I called the family doctor and he said we needed to take Hudson to the ER to have it checked out because they generally will stitch a wound in this area. So much for my relaxing afternoon. Alex, Chase and I loaded Hudson up and drove to the ER in Marshalltown. Hudson had his first opportunity, after and 1 hour and 45 minute wait, to have his picture taken with the octopus in the examining room. You can revisit one of Chase's experiences here.

The doctor spent all of 3 minutes with us, and decided that it really wasn't bad enough to put a stitch in, and would probably scar worse if he did. So, we loaded back up and went home.

We're thankful that Hudson didn't have to have stitches. It's no fun at all at that age. He ended up with a pretty good shiner, although it wasn't his first. Alex and Bryce were especially relieved that he came out okay.

"My son, let them not depart from your eyes--Keep sound wisdom and discretion;" Proverbs 3:21

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