Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cedar Valley Cup

The culmination of the Spring soccer season is the Cedar Valley Cup, a three day tournament in Cedar Falls. The weather Friday evening was beautiful, and Jackson & Chase's team won their game. We started the day on Saturday by leaving home at 7:00am. Bryce's team lost their first game of the tournament, but went on to win the next two, earning a shot at the Bronze medal. They played in nice, sunny weather, and also had some games in cold rainy weather. They rallied at the end and were able to bring home the Bronze.

Jackson & Chase's team also lost one game of the tournament, earning them each a Bronze medal. They have a very competitive team, with a lot of good athletes. Each of them scored several goals per game. We enjoy watching them play.

Alex's team went into the last game undefeated. They were facing a team that they had lost to 5-1 in the regular season. They played following a huge downpour and thunderstorm, which made for very sloppy and wet playing conditions. They were not able to pull it off, and ended up losing 3-1, earning a Silver medal.

The little kids did a great job holding up throughout the weekend. We spent a lot of hours at the soccer complex, and they behaved very well. They've made a lot of friends throughout the season, and had fun playing play-doh and coloring with them during the games.

We're proud of the boys' accomplishments this season, and we're also thankful to be done for a few months!

"The glory of young men is their strength..." Proverbs 20:29a

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