Tuesday, June 9, 2015

19 Games and Counting

What a way to end the soccer season!

1-2-3  The Rebels competed in the IHSAA State Soccer tournament on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Cownie Soccer Complex in Des Moines.  They were able to win two of the three games, securing a third place finish in Class 1A.  Bryce's team stayed in Des Moines, while we had the pleasure of making the trip three times.  It was a great opportunity for the boys, and an awesome way to represent our school district.

Colton, Katie, Naomi and Hudson each participated in the Cedar Valley Cup soccer tournament on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Cedar Falls.

4-5-6-7  Hudson played on a team with some friends from Grundy Center.  They won three of their four games, earning silver medals.  They are super fun to watch at his age.  They played hard and had a great time.  I suspect they will play together again some day.

8-9-10-11  Naomi's soccer team, the Hurricanes, played four really tough games this weekend.  They hustled and gave it their all, but were not able to secure a medal.  They played hard and had fun along the way.

12-13-14-15  Katie's soccer team was riddled with injuries throughout the weekend.  They earned bronze medals, and played some really close games.  Shannon takes these games and these girls very seriously, and mourns each loss.  He was proud of the girls and the way they played through their pain.  They're confident they'll bring home the gold next year.

16-17-18-19  Colton's team, the Runnin Rebels, placed third in the Cedar Valley Cup.  He had some hotly contested games, and some not so competitive ones.  They are a great group of guys, and he is looking forward to moving up to high school soccer next spring.

We appreciate all of the time and effort each of the kids' coaches puts in.  They sacrifice their time away from their families to practice and coach each week, and spend many hours on the road and on the soccer pitch.

Yesterday I packed away all of the soccer shoes and shin guards for a couple months.  We'll start up with league ball again in August.  I'm sure there will be many backyard games played in the meantime.

We love soccer, and cramming 19 games into a 3.5 day span really isn't such a bad way to pass the time. 

"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise" .Proverbs 11:30

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