Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. Where does the time go?

I have lots to fill you in on, but first, it's Thankful Thursday.

*I'm thankful that God chose to give me Shannon for a husband. I don't think anyone else would still be hanging around putting up with me. He's amazing (both God and Shannon).

*I'm thankful that my children love me. Most days I don't deserve it.

*I'm thankful that Bryce buckled down, worked hard, and finished school a WEEK EARLY. He's had a great school year and has done very well with his courses.

*I'm thankful for all of the work we have accomplished in the past 9 days. I'll post pictures soon.

*I'm thankful that Alex's team won their soccer game tonight, and that he was able to contribute.

*I'm thankful for the opportunity to take a drive and visit a friend on Tuesday. I think it benefited me more than her. Happy 50th Birthday Mary!

*I'm thankful for my blogging friends. They encourage me.

*I'm thankful for cereal. We eat lots of it around here.

"The Lord by wisdom founded the earth; By understanding He established the heavens." Proverbs 3:19

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