Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday's Fun

Friday we had a busy day. We finished up the week's worth of school, and a little before 11:00 Avery came to play. The girls were SO excited. They played with clay, played kitchen, they played princesses and dollies.

Just before lunch time Bryce came into the kitchen while I was cooking, and in a matter of fact voice said that the little kids really needed to stop throwing toys. I turned around to look at him, and he had a cut between his eyes. It was only about 1/4 inch long, but it was gaping wide open. It didn't bleed much, so we decided to glue him back together. When Shannon got home for lunch, we laid Bryce down on the kitchen table, pinched the cut together, and glued him up. We've gotten a lot of use out of the tube of glue Troy gave us. It's nice to have friends in the medical field.

After lunch the kids went outside to play for about 5-10 minutes. It seriously took longer to get everyone dressed than the time they spent outdoors. It was COLD!!!

After lunch we planned to make sugar cookies. Katie and Naomi both had aprons, so we decided to whip one up for Avery, too. I've got a closet upstairs dubbed the "Crafty Closet". It's stuffed full of fabric and supplies I've been stockpiling for the past 20 years 'just in case' I might need something someday. Well, today was the day.

We whipped up the apron in under a half an hour, and were ready to start making cookies. I kind of wimped out and decided just to roll them in colored sugar. Each child got their own color, and we baked about 6 dozen cookies in a very short time. Jackson helped, too.

Hopefully we didn't traumatize Avery too much. I asked her during our very noisy lunch if it was this noisy at her house. She said yes. They girls are asking when she can come back again.

"A friend loves at all times..." Proverbs 17:17


Beckysblog said...

Avery wants to come back to your house so it must not have traumatized her too much!
I'm sure it was similar to my mom's house when many of my brothers are home!
Thanks so much again and the apron is SO cute. And I ate the majority of the awesome cookies so I am not saying thank you for those. I think that's why my jeans didn't fit on Saturday night!

Melanie said...

Whip up an apron?!!! that would've taken me just thred my sewing maching! You are definitely an amazing mom!

Shannon/Jodi said...

Just don't look at it too closely. The craftsmanship leaves a lot to be desired!