Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Favorite Pictures

Shannon is an awesome husband.

He's generous. He's kind. He's wonderful. He's sneaky...or he tries to be.

Although I struggle each year to come up with gift ideas for Shannon's birthday and Christmas because he never asks for anything, I am considerate enough of him to be very blunt about which gifts I would like to receive.

This year I had a new digital SLR camera on my wish list. I was kind enough to show him which kind I liked, asked for his help in researching, offered to take him shopping for cameras, etc. We talked abut it, then finally decided that we really didn't have the budget to be buying a new camera, and after we got rid of some debt, it would be a better time to make the purchase. I was okay with that. Really.

That's why it came as such a surprise one afternoon that I came across an order confirmation notice from Amazon as I was checking my email. Immediately following the first email was another confirming the change in email notification address from mine to Shannon's. Oops. Do I keep it a secret that I know? Do I delete it from my email? I decided to print out a copy of the order confirmation, then delete the email and play dumb (easy enough!).

Well. Shortly after Shannon got home, I had to go pick up the boys from basketball practice. Shannon called me and asked what I was trying to print. The printer was out of paper, so after he loaded it, he saw the confirmation. Busted. He had been concerned that he hadn't gotten a confirmation, so was relieved to know the order went through. I was relieved, because now that he knew that I knew, I could have the camera as soon as it was delivered and not have to wait until Christmas.

It took a whole week for the delivery man to bring the new camera. Not only was it the camera I wanted, but included a spare battery, memory card, macro lens, some software, lens cleaning cloth, carrying case, and a few other accessories. Wow. What a guy.

I have had a lot of fun trying to figure out how in the world to operate this camera. I can take some really great pictures on automatic mode. I've not yet figured out all of the ins and outs of ISO, focal point, f numbers, etc., but I'm working on it.

Here are some of my favorites so far.









"When the righteous rejoice there is great glory;" Proverbs 28:12


Beckysblog said...

Oh how funny. And what a great guy...

Melanie said...

Yeah!!! Looks like you are getting it mastered...I'm still trying ot figure mine out!:)