Saturday, August 1, 2015


This evening Shannon, Chase, Bryce, Colton and I left Iowa for a mission trip to Canada.

We began planning this trip months ago. I have been going back and forth deciding whether or not I was going along. The original group was around 20 people interested, but as the date arrived, our number decreased to just 10.

We planned ahead and got passport cards for the kids. We made arrangements for the little kids while we would be gone. Everything seemed to fall into place.

And then I got cold feet. Could I really leave the country for nine days and leave my littles behind?

Yesterday I was ready to stay home. There seemed to be just too much to get done, and not enough hours in the day to complete each of the tasks.

It just didn't seem like it would be worth the hassle.

But we are on the road.

Katie, Naomi, Hudson and Macklin are at Grandma and Grandpa's house this weekend, and will be with Alex and Moriah the rest of the week. Although there were tears last night, our hugs goodbye this afternoon were handled pretty well.

Nine days.

These are the things moms long for. Peace and quiet. No cooking or cleaning or laundry. Beautiful scenery. Time to recharge and refocus.

And yet I miss them.

We won't have phone or internet service at the camp we will be working at. That worries me.

Nine days.

I won't hear Katie chatting incessantly. I won't get to brush Naomi's hair. I won't get to see the evidence of Hudson's imagination, whether it be a new game he has invented, or a picture he has drawn. And Macklin. EVERY morning he climbs in bed with me and snuggles. We sing 'our song' to each other.

Nine days with no Mommy-Macklin day.

Chase's car broke down and he is thinking of transferring colleges. Bryce was at camp. Our car needed to get to the body shop for repairs. Jackson rented a house and is moving out this weekend. So many things are going on.

And I am leaving the country.

I am confident that big changes will happen this week. I pray that I will be a blessing to others. I pray that I will come back a better mom than the cranky, harried one that left. I pray that I will come back a better wife, because Shannon deserves better than what he has been getting.

Nine days.

Please pray that lives will be changed. Pray for my babies, both those that are with me and those at home. Pray for those caring for my babies. They have a lot of fun things planned, and the kids will likely wish we would go away more often.

See you in nine days.

"For length of days and long life and peace they will add to you. Let not mercy and truth forsake you; Bind them around your neck, Write them on the tablet of your heart, And so find favor and high esteem In the sight of God and man." Proverbs 3:2-4

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