Sunday, November 24, 2013

Des Moines Regiser 1st Team All-State Football Selection

Chase has added another honor to his list of football accomplishments this year. Today The Des Moines Register announced their All-State Football team selections.  Chase was a 1st Team All-State Selection as running back.
He was also a Class A 1st Team All-District selection at running back, District Offensive MVP, Academic 1st Team All-District selection, and Player's Choice selection for Sportsmanship, Offensive MVP, and Overall MVP, and was selected as the Waterloo Courier's Prep of the Week in October.

Chase led Iowa's Class A football in rushing with 2,122 yards this season.  He ended the season being the 4th leading rusher in Iowa in 11-man football.

He set a new school record for single-season rushing yards, surpassing the record he set last year by over 700 yards.  He broke the school TD record, scoring 25 TD's this season (49 career).  He also set the season record for # of carries, and has unofficially set the school career rushing record with 3,950 yards.  He has led the G-R Rebels in rushing the past three seasons. 

Chase has worked incredibly hard for all of his accomplishments, and has maintained the top academic rank in his class as well.  The hours he spent in the weight room and running drills have given him the preparation needed to succeed on the field.  He has demonstrated a humble attitude throughout his success, and has been quick to point out that he is part of a team and without 11 men on the field, no one can succeed.  
We are proud of the honors Chase has received, but more than that, we are pleased with the manner in which he has received these accolades.  He remains humble, and not once have I had to wince on the sidelines as my son showboated on the field.  He demonstrated the self-control to simply walk away when provoked on the field, and generally just calmly handed the football to the referee after scoring a touchdown and then lined up for the next play.

Chase was a very intense kid when he was young.  He's always been super competitive, and those attributes served him well on the gridiron.  He doesn't do most things half-way, and doesn't like to settle for being second-best.  Just because he was the third Clark Boy wasn't going to mean that he wasn't going to strive to be the best.  All those years of rough-housing and wrestling in the living room paid off in tenaciousness as he hauled 3-4 potential tacklers down the football field before they brought him down.  All those backyard football games hauling his brothers and sisters around benefited him.  We have been known to set up obstacle courses around the acreage and have the boys carry the younger siblings on their backs as they executed the course.  It's kind of unconventional training, but it certainly didn't hurt anything.  

We are proud of Alex and his college soccer career.  Jackson is still working out with the Wartburg Knights football team as they continue in the postseason playoffs.  Bryce led the G-R JV football team in tackles this season, and Colton had a successful first season of middle school football.  We will likely continue to be unconventional as we continue to support our family in their extra-curricular pursuits.  After all, we're noticing a lot of similarities between Chase and Macklin.  Perhaps in 15 years he'll replace Chase's name with his own in the record books

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9

This verse, I feel, sums up Chase's football season.  He plays big and bold on the field.  

During the Rebel's State Playoff Quarterfinal game vs. defending state champions Wapsie Valley, Chase suffered a pulled hamstring in the third quarter, preventing him from carrying the ball throughout the rest of the game.  He was able to play a little bit of defense, but had to come to terms with watching the game from the sidelines.  It hurt my heart as a mom to see him struggle with that, and the "unfairness" of the situation after all of the hard work he had put in.  He finished the season 50 yards shy of his career goal of 4000 yards.  He spent many series on the sidelines throughout the season while the second team players took the field.  He could easily have surpassed that goal with a few more carries.  BUT, God knew before the season began that Chase would pull his hamstring, that the Rebels would not make it to the dome, that there would be disappointments.  Stats are just stats.  What matters is the way we handle the successes and disappointments that come our way, and I think Chase did a great job demonstrating Who is in control of his life, and where his blessings come from.  

 “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Matthew 3:17

We couldn't be more proud of the man Chase is becoming, and for the rest of our family who love and support each other in every aspect of their lives.

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