Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So Many Things...

This time of year we have so many different things going on.

Of course, it's FOOTBALL season.  Jackson and Chase play on Fridays.  Bryce plays on Mondays and Thursdays.  Colton plays on Sundays. Whatever day they're not playing, they're practicing.  I'm helping out with the Varsity Spaghetti Dinners each Friday afternoon.  The Rebels have qualified for the State Playoffs, and have one more district game this week before Playoffs begin on the 24th.  Jackson has had a short season due to knee surgery last month.  He only played in 3 games, but has done very well.  He had his first college recruiter come to his game last Friday night.  Chase has had a successful year.  He's within striking distance of the school record in rushing yards, despite a burst bursa sac in his right arm which has caused him some grief.  Bryce just played his last JV game last night.  His team won all but one game this season.  He will continue to practice with the Varsity team until the season ends.  Colton played his last game on Sunday at Wartburg College.  He did a great job as running back, too.

 It's also SOCCER season.  The girls are on separate teams this year, so we have different schedules and games for them.  They practice twice a week and play on Saturdays.  Colton also practices each week and plays on Saturdays. We will finish up games and practice within the next week.

Oh, and there's school, too.  The public school group seems to be enjoying it and they are all doing very well.  I miss my time with them, though.  My home schoolers are doing a great job this year, too.  Several people have asked me how the transition to public school has been.  I like to think of it in terms of childbirth.  I delivered two babies by c-section.  I delivered five babies naturally with no medications.  I delivered two babies with epidurals.  All of the babies were healthy, perfect little creations.  Same result, different means to the end.  The no-med deliveries, much like home schooling, is difficult and hard work, takes a lot of discipline and self-control, but is very rewarding.  My epidural deliveries, much like sending the kids to public school, is less painful, easier on the mom, a bit selfish, but still results in the desired outcome.  Clear as mud, right?

Sunday was Jackson's 18th birthday.  We celebrated with our friend Conrad.  He turned 21 on the 12th, and is an avid COD player.  The boys like to have COD marathons on the weekends and waste tons of time and miss out on their beauty sleep.  After Colton's football game and Naomi's soccer game, we finally got the opportunity to bake a cake.  It's not much for decoration, but it tasted good!  We took Jackson out for dinner Sunday evening for his birthday dinner.  We also did a quick shopping trip to get him some new clothes for his senior pictures, which he had taken on Monday.  It was a beautiful Fall day, and like Jackson says, how could they possibly turn out bad when he's in them?  I'll post some as soon as I get permission from our photographer to do so.

Alex and Moriah spent the day with us on Sunday.  Aren't they cute?  We enjoyed the time with them, and they were good sports about sitting out in the rain and cold through both Colton and Naomi's games.  It meant a lot to the littles for Alex to be there and see them play.  Alex continues to play soccer at Faith and will be competing in his conference tournament this week in Kansas City.   Regionals are next week north of Minneapolis, and if they continue on, nationals will be in Florida.  We've not been to as many of his games this year, but have still seen the majority of his home games. 

As our sports schedules wind down a bit, we've had the opportunity to get up on the roof and we are just about finished shingling.  Yesterday was a perfect day to be up there working.  I wish July and August had been so nice!

Yesterday was the anniversary of Alex and Hudson's car accident and subsequent air flight trip to Iowa City.  We continue to thank God for the blessings He has given us, and are thankful for the complete healing for both of our boys.   I read through the post regarding all that happened last year, and I am so humbled.  What a difference a year makes!

"The man's heart plans his ways, but the LORD directs his steps."  Proverbs 16:9

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