Monday, October 29, 2007

New Babies

Last weekend we were doing some shopping in Marshalltown, and stopped at Theisen's. Outside their door were three boys playing with four little puppies. We had Colton, Katie, Naomi and Hudson along with us, so we all went to pet the puppies. The boys told us they were selling them for $50.00. Just the week before Jackson had told us he wanted a puppy for his birthday, and since we hadn't gotten him anything yet, we decided to bring one home. About that time, the boys' dad came over and talked to us. He told us we could pick whichever one we wanted, and could take it for free. EVEN BETTER! We called Jack and gave him the choice of a black or white one. He chose black, so we finished our shopping, including some Puppy Chow, and loaded up and went home. The little guy snuggled in my lap the whole way home.

We had a youth group activity that evening, and the pup came along, too, just because we couldn't bear to leave him home his first evening. Sadie didn't react too badly to him, although she did seem a bit jealous.

Alex got a notion in his head that he should have a dog, too, so Sunday on our way home from Ben's birthday party we contacted the owners and got a white pup. This time they wanted their $50.00. It was still two for the price of one, so who could resist?

We named the black pup Domino and the white one Checkers, in memory of "the best dog ever", Yahtzee. They really seem to enjoy being together, and have been much more content. Domino spent quite a bit of time yipping during that first lonely night with us. Apparently Sadie didn't snuggle up against him. Although Sadie was a little less excited to see another puppy appear on Sunday, she has since taken care of them, and they all snuggle together when sleeping, now.

"A present is a precious stone in the eyes of its possessor..." Proverbs 17:8a

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