Monday, September 17, 2007

100 Things I Love...

I've had several jobs throughout my life, but none so all-encompassing as mothering my children. I've resolved to compile a list of 100 things I love about mothering. I challenge you to do the same. Time me....we'll see how long this takes!

1. I love baby belly laughs.
2. I love snuggles from Naomi when she first wakes up in the morning.
3. I love baking with Chase.
4. I love when the light comes on in a child's eyes after he finally "gets it" in math.
5. I love bouquets of flowers from Colton in the spring.
6. I love hearing "I found my missing shoe!".
7. I love gathering the family together, popping popcorn, and watching a movie.
8. I love cheering for my boys in football.
9. I love baking and decorating birthday cakes.
10. I love clean laundry (after it's been put away).
11. I love watching Shannon wrestle with the littles.
12. I love naptime.
13. I love holding hands with little children, just because we can.
14. I love when potty training is finally done.
15. I love painting little girl fingernails and toes.
16. I love dirty knees after the kids have been outside playing all afternoon.
17. I love the joy the children get out of making tents in the living room and dining room.
18. I love Easter morning when everyone is in their Sunday best and we take a picture together.
19. I love kindergarten.
20. I love watching the children's faces when they catch a fish.
21. I love playing bingo with the whole family.
22. I love mowing the grass with Jackson.
23. I love watching the big boys help out with the little girls.
24. I love watching Colton look up to Alex.
25. I love watching my girls play mommy with their baby dolls.
26. I love when my boys score goals in soccer.
27. I love Christmas morning.
28. I love when the the children dress up in Halloween costumes in March.
29. I love eating chocolate chip cookie dough with the kids for an afternoon snack.
30. I love working together to clean the house so we can have company over.
31. I love listening to bedtime prayers.
32. I love listening to little girls giggling for no apparent reason.
33. I love when school is all done for the week.
34. I love watching Shannon play football outside with the kids.
35. I love that the children think their dad is the greatest.
36. I love singing songs in the car.
37. I love watching the children swing.
38. I love listening to made up stories.
39. I love hearing a naughty child say "I'm sorry".
40. I love when Bryce writes me notes during evening church that say, "I love you Mom".
41. I love when my children sing along with the hymns in church.
42. I love watching my children race to the tree in the front yard and back.
43. I love it when my children play board games together.
44. I love sniping an Ebay auction with my boys.
45. I love hearing my son's name announced over the loud speakers at football games over and over again.
46. I love it when Katie and Naomi carry the little kittens around.
47. I love washing lots of dirty dishes on a cold day.
48. I love children in footie pajamas.
49. I love reading stories to little ones, all snuggled up under a blanket.
50. I love pink cheeks on a cold winter day.
51. I love putting pretties in the girls' hair.
52. I love when my children ask me to pray for them.
53. I love talking to Alex late at night when he forgets that it's not cool to talk to his mom.
54. I love when my children put money in the offering plate at church without me asking or reminding them to.
55. I love when we're reading the bible together and the boys have unbelievable insights.
56. I love watching Monday Night Football with Jackson and Chase.
57. I love when Katie and Naomi pretend to nurse their baby dolls.
58. I love when Hudson falls asleep in my arms.
59. I love Alex.
60. I love having healthy children.
61. I love trying to figure out what Naomi is saying to me in her little girl gibberish.
62. I love it when we take the kids to the Dollar Tree and tell them they can pick out any one thing in the whole store.
63. I love sharing french fries at Burger King.
64. I love hearing how many sections the children completed at Awana.
65. I love going to family camp at IRBC with my family.
66. I love watching four little children in the bathtub playing together.
67. I love watching the kids have water balloon fights on a hot summer day.
68. I love little girls in sun dresses.
69. I love playing cards with the kids.
70. I love Jackson.
71. I love giving haircuts.
72. I love moving the furniture around with Alex.
73. I love watching my boys make a basket during a basketball game.
74. I love sitting in a pew with my whole family on Sundays.
75. I love Chase.
76. I love it when Shannon bakes Dragon Cookies with the children and tells them the dragon story.
78. I love hugs.
79. I love it when Hudson's eyes light up and he smiles when I enter a room.
80. I love hearing the kids tell corny knock knock jokes.
81. I love leading my children to Christ.
82. I love Mother's Day.
83. I love listening to the kids talk to one another.
84. I love hearing "What else can I do for you, Mama?"
85. I love holding hands when we pray before meals.
86. I love seeing Chase and Naomi taking a nap together on the sofa.
87. I love fingerprints on my windows.
88. I love Bryce.
89. I love memorizing bible verses with the kids.
90. I love arm wrestling with the kids, and still being able to beat them (most of the time).
91. I love Colton.
92. I love watching Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues over, and over, and over again.
93. I love Katie.
94. I love seeing my children succeed.
95. I love teaching children how to read.
96. I love Naomi.
97. I love looking for the Big Dipper with the children.
98. I love Hudson.
99. I love seeing a child show empathy.
100. I love my children's father.

That took 41 minutes, including bedtime for Hudson and a good dose of Monday Night Football watching. Will you accept the challenge and write down 100 reasons you love mothering your children? Send me a copy of your list!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6


Becky said...

Wow, that is one of the neatest things I have ever read. It made me cry. I will try my own, but not right now, Im too worked up over yours! :)
Oh, and you got 8 freebies because you have 8 kids. I better have more kids.

Beckysblog said...

ok, check out my blog, I made my list.

Amy B in Va said...

HI Shannon! I am so glad you decided to do a list! How wonderful and encouraging. Can you please follow the instructions on my blog to link the 100 Things Image back to my blog? That would be really great, and if you leave a comment in my blog section as well; we will all be linked to share each others lists. That's why I originally asked everyone to follow the instructions for posting and leaving a comment so that we could all follow the trail and be encouraged. I can't wait to read Becky's list too. Thanks so much, Amy B in VA -- Fellow MOMYS