Thursday, July 12, 2007

Corn Carnival 2007

On Friday, July 6th we attended the annual Corn Carnival Parade in Gladbrook. We collected our allotment of candy for the year. We had a really good seat, scouted out by Julie, Eric and their family. We enjoyed watching the parade together and then spent some time visiting over brownies and lemonade afterwards.

Saturday morning the Corn Carnival committee sponsors games and activities for the children. This year Katie and Naomi signed up for the cozy coupe races. Naomi chickened out and didn't race. Katie completed the race, but didn't place because she was too concerned with honking the horn, turning the key, and if there were a review mirror, I'm sure she would have been applying her lip gloss, too. That's a typical woman driver, according to Shannon.

Jackson and Chase participated in the basketball shoot. Jack placed Third in his age group, and Chase tied for Third, but lost the tie breaker, so got the Fourth place prize.

Jack, Chase, Bryce, Colton, Katie and Naomi all participated in the Corn Throw. Jackson placed Second in his age group, and Katie was crowned the Corn Throwing Champion in her age bracket.

"Length of days is in her right hand, in her left hand riches and honor." Proverbs 3:16

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