Thursday, May 3, 2007

Quiet Week

Sunday we spent the afternoon in Huxley at Carrie & Jason's house. We celebrated Will's 3rd birthday. The kids enjoyed cake and ice cream, and then played outside for awhile having wagon races. They don't have much of a yard, so had to play on the cement. It was fun seeing Marilyn & Dave and Jason's family again.

Wednesday Papa Joe brought over a John Deere 495 to help mow our lawn. We finished mowing in record time--around 2 hours! It has a huge 62" deck, as opposed to the 48" deck on our 318. Shannon & I have tractor envy! It rides more like a car than a tractor--and costs more than I've ever spent on a car, too! Alas, it's not in our future to own one.

We were able to do some more landscaping Wednesday, too. We made a cobble stone pathway to the deck and cleaned up the yard a bit. It seems as if one project just leads to the next. Will it ever stop? Shannon would like to design a water feature next.

Alex and Colton went home with Papa Joe yesterday. They're working on the 4 wheeler today. Alex called and said they would probably come home tomorrow. Unfortunately, I forgot to remind them to take their school work with them. No wonder they want to stay longer! Papa Joe spoils them rotten.

Jack, Chase and Bryce did daycare during the ladies bible study at church this morning. They have done a great job, and have found that the free will offering collected each week isn't too shabby, either. I stayed home with our littles since Alex wasn't here to watch them.

It's just been Katie, Naomi, Hudson and I around the house today. J, C & B had to go back into town with Shannon after lunch for soccer practice this evening. We'll see if the rain holds out. It's been cloudy and cool all day. I believe it's supposed to rain tomorrow, too. It's a good day for snuggling.

Blogs are boring without pictures. Katie decided she deserved to be in my picture since she fed Hudson his bottle while I typed, so she wins the prize.

"A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul..." Proverbs 13:19

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